why green juice is good for you

Everything You Need to Know About Green Juice

We’re always being told to eat more greens, and a great way to increase your intake is through juicing. We take a look at why green juice is good for you, and everything you need to know about adding green juice to your diet.

Why Green Juice is Good For You

Green juice is rich in enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. Also, it contains large quantities of chlorophyll.

As supported by research studies, chlorophyll has many health benefits. It works as a natural cleanser, detoxifier, internal deodorizer, and intestinal regulator.

It can be effective to regulate your blood pressure, keep your body weight in check, reduce inflammation, and boost your immunity.

If you want to boost your immunity naturally and remain active throughout the day, you can consider adding green juices to your diet.

Green juices are healthy and alkalizing as well. Doctors, scientists, and researchers have discovered that most of the diseases develop in an acidic environment.

You can minimize the possibility of many infections by drinking green juice regularly. It will naturally protect your body from many diseases.

If you add alkalizing food such as green juice to your diet, you can reverse many health challenges naturally.

You can delay aging and make your skin glowing and young. The weight loss will be natural. You will feel confident with your looks and energy will help you to perform beyond your age.

When Should I Drink Green Juice?


You can drink green juice any time you want, but is best consumed on an empty stomach.

Green juice can be a wonderful pre-workout drink as it will make your respiratory system more functional.

It will increase your blood count and reduce inflammation while creating a favorable environment for workouts.

However, you can consider having it in the morning to maximize the benefits.

Green Juice in The Morning

A great time to drink green juice is in the morning, on an empty stomach.

You will have to drink it one hour before your coffee or tea. You can also drink it after one hour of having your coffee.

Otherwise, the acidity might negate the alkalizing effects of the juice. You should never drink green juice with your meal.

You should try to have it in the morning on an empty stomach. At that time, your stomach will be more active and can fully absorb the nutrients.

Is It Good To Drink a Green Juice Before Bed?

is it good to drink a green juice before bed

Yes, you can drink green juice before bed, but make sure it is at least one hour after eating any food. Don’t eat or drink anything else (except water if needed) after drinking the green juice before bed.

Many people swear by drinking green juice to help to lose belly fat.

Some green juices such as cucumber and parsley juice can be effective to lose the extra fat and restore a slim look.

Also, if you drink green juice at bedtime, it can help to minimize the bloating around your stomach.

Is Green Juice Good for Weight Loss?

Green juice can speed up your weight loss process.

If you combine green juice with your workouts, you can expect immediate benefits.

Green juice will boost your metabolism and improve your gut health. Both these can be effective to target the stubborn fat. With regular consumption, you can burn unwanted calories.

Also, green juice is full of minerals and vitamins. Therefore, you will lose fat without feeling exhausted and tired.

A study made on twenty people in 2017 found that participants shed around two pounds of weight in a short period of three days.

Green juice also contributed to the improved gut bacteria that make the weight loss natural.

However, you will have to drink fresh green juices without adding sugar.

Can I Drink Green Juice Every Day?

Yes, you can drink green juice every day. It can be best to prepare you for all the physical and mental challenges ahead.

It will reduce your inflammation and put less pressure on your stomach. You will be more energetic and active.

However, it is best to consume green juice in moderation. Too much green juice it can affect your kidneys and blood sugar, particularly if you are juicing green fruits and vegetables that are higher in sugar than others.

As mentioned earlier, you should always drink homemade and fresh juice.

Also, you should not rely on green juice alone to meet your daily nutrients.

Instead, you should follow a diet that is rich in vitamins and nutrients and drink green juice in moderation.

You can choose any time that you find suitable. But, it is best to avoid drinking green juice with you meal and hot drinks.

How Much Green Juice Should You Drink a Day?

We all are different so our daily needs and vitamins’ intake.

If you exercise regularly, you can drink more than those who spend most of their time in front of screens.

When your body is active, you will need more vitamins and nutrients. On average, the daily intake should not be more than a quart per day.

You should not drink all your juice in your breakfast or before going to the bed. Instead, you can have it a couple of times throughout the day.

Take 16 oz in the morning on empty stomach and after one hour, you can have your breakfast or tea.

Before bed or in the evening, you can consider having 16oz as well.

It is worth mentioning that regular consumption is a must to get the desired benefits.

If you want to boost your immunity and reduce your inflammation, you will have to drink green juice every day.

You will notice a great difference after adding it to your diet.

Benefits of a Green Juice Cleanse

when should i drink green juice

Green juice can be beneficial to your gut’s health. Weight gain can happen due to poor gut health.

If you do not take care of your gut health over a long period of time, you can expect many adverse conditions.

The impact may be both on your physical and mental health.

A great way to reset reset your gut and clean it naturally is by doing a juice cleanse.

The cold-pressed green juice will minimize the stress on your gut. When the stress will be less, your gut can work with its full potential. Also, it will give time to the body to recharge.

Fresh green juice will clean your gut. With regular consumption, you will be able to remove the harmful toxins.

Also, once you start drinking green juice, you can minimize the consumption of processed foods. Processed foods can harm your gut in more than one way.

This will also assist with weight loss. So, add a green juice to your diet and minimize the consumption of processed food to make the gut healthy and clean it naturally.

Green Juice Benefits for Hair


Green juice contributes to your overall well being.

If you drink green juice in moderation, it will help you with a healthy, happy, and lengthy life.

Like other body parts, your hair also needs some vital vitamins and nutrients to ensure proper growth.

The fresh fruits and leafy vegetables in green juice can make your hair healthy and shiny.

You will have ample nutrition, and that can prevent many issues related to your hair.

Also, the nutrients from the juice will absorb fast, and you can expect some immediate benefits.

You can apply some green juices on the scalp to prevent hair fall and itchiness.

Does Green Juice Improve Skin?

Yes, green juice can make your skin smooth, glowing, and young.

These leafy vegetables’ and fruits’ juices might not taste super delicious. However, they are exceptionally helpful for your skin.

Once you reach a certain age, your skin will start losing the previous glow and elasticity. We try many different ways to get back the young and refreshing look.

You can make it easy by adding green juices to your daily diet. We can take the example of spinach juice. It is rich in vitamin K and iron.

Both these are essential for glowing and flawless skin.

Can You Have Fresh Green Juice During Pregnancy?

green juice whilst pregnant

Yes, you can have fresh green juices during your pregnancy.

Many avoid green juices during the pregnancy since they believe that green juices might harm the baby. You will have to change this perception.

Now even doctors suggest adding green juice to the diet of pregnant women.

Greens are a great source of folate. It is a type of B vitamin that helps in the growth of infants. Folate can prevent some severe birth defects such as brain and spine defects.

Talk to your doctor and know which juice can be a great choice during pregnancy. Your doctor might suggest you avoid some specific juice.

Ready to Add Green Juice to Your Daily Routine?

Green fruits and vegetables can be great a way to live a healthy and fit life.

The plant compounds in green juice can support your immunity, digestion, and heart health.

Now that you know all about the benefits of green juice, take a look at some yummy green juice recipes here. Happy Juicing!