Can a Vitamix Juice?

can a vitamix juice

Vitamix blenders do a great job, and their popularity is well-deserved. If you own a Vitamix and want to use it for juicing, the most crucial question is however, Can a Vitamix Juice? Making the choice between investing in a juicing machine or using your Vitamix for juicing really comes down to how thin you … Read more Can a Vitamix Juice?

Omega Vertical Slow Juicer Review

omega vert

Omega introduced its first vertical slow-speed juicer in 2005 and claimed that it reduced oxidation and provided fresh juice that you can store for up to 72 hours. These claims remain constant till date and are backed up by the brand and its consumers. Today, let us discuss and compare four of these Omega vertical … Read more Omega Vertical Slow Juicer Review

What is the Best Hurom Juicer?

best hurom juicer

Hurom are the original creators of the vertical slow juicer and are leaders in juicing technology. Since 2010 Hurom have sold over 8 million juicing machines. Made in Korea, not China, Hurom juicers also manufacture juicers for other leading brands such as Smeg and Omega. If you are wondering which is the best Hurom juicer … Read more What is the Best Hurom Juicer?

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Review

kuvings whole slow juicer review

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicers are the vertical design masticating juicers with wide 3 inch chutes. First launched in 2013 and now available in 4 different models, we compare Kuvings whole slow juicers in the vertical design models. Here are the models we are looking at in this post: Kuvings B6000 (the second version) Kuvings C7000 … Read more Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Review

Omega Cold Press 365 Juicer Review

omega cold press 365

The Omega Cold Press 365 juicer is a new release juicer for 2020. Priced under $150, the Omega Cold Press 365 juicer competes with masticating juicers at the lower end of the market. It is also known by its model number, Omega H3000D. Is the Omega juicer under $150 a good buy? Let’s take a … Read more Omega Cold Press 365 Juicer Review

How To Juice Celery

how to juice celery

You know you need to add more celery to your diet, whether you are on a juice cleanse, looking to boost weight loss, or just to get a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals. In this post, we are going to discuss how to juice celery, from the stalks to the leaves, including how to … Read more How To Juice Celery

Champion Juicer Review

champion juicer 2000

Champion Juicers have been around since 1955. If you’re planning on making a solid investment into a juicer and juicing for decades to come, The Champion Juicer is a top notch choice. We constantly see comments about how long Champion juicers have lasted. It is common to hear that Champion juicers have been passed down … Read more Champion Juicer Review

The 3 Best Juicers for Wheatgrass

wheatgrass juicers

You know you need to eat your greens, and juicing wheatgrass is one way to help get a boost of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants into your diet. We take a look at the best wheatgrass juicers on the market today. Whether you prefer to drink wheatgrass juice as a shot, or mixed into other fruits … Read more The 3 Best Juicers for Wheatgrass

Koios Juicer Review

koios juicer review

Koios Juicers have a 10 year warranty on the motor, 3 year warranty on parts and are priced under $150. We’re very impressed by this, but have to ask the questions… Is this too good to be true?  Does Koios stand behind their warranty?  What is Koios customer service like?  We take a deep dive … Read more Koios Juicer Review

Best Juicer for Ginger [2020]

best juicer for ginger

Making fresh ginger juice at home is simple with the right juicer. Determining the best juicer for ginger however, isn’t so simple! A centrifugal juicer will efficiently shred the hard ginger root, but a masticating juicer is likely to extract more of the juice from the ginger. If you have a larger budget to spend, … Read more Best Juicer for Ginger [2020]