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SKG Wide Chute Juicer Review

SKG have a new juicer for 2020 – the A10 Vertical Masticating Juicer.

With many features of the high end juicers at a more cost effective price, SKG (meaning Smart, Kind and Global) Juicers are comparable to Kuvings in design, but unfortunately, without the 10 year warranty.

The SKG juicers are popular for juicing your favorite veggie and fruit concoction in a few minutes and with very little prep time. Consumers praise SKG juicers as one of the best products in the juice making industry with its wide chute and long feed system.

Is it as good as people say it is, or is it all just hype? We will find that out and much more about the SKG juicers.

It will help you get a clear understanding of the product and make an informed buying decision. But first, let us introduce the latest model SKG juicers for 2020 to you.

SKG A10 Juicer – The Current Model SKG Juicer for 2021

skg wide chute slow masticating juicer extractor

The SKG A10 juicer is also known as the SKG wide chute slow masticating juicer. It is the latest model from SKG, introduced late in 2019.

Running at 36 revolutions per minute (RPM) this slow masticating juicer uses a dual stage auger to crush and squeeze juice from fruits and vegetables. 36 RPM makes the SKG A10 juicer one of the slowest vertical juicers on the market today.

SKG boast that this juicer will create more nutritious and better tasting juice than other juicers.

What they are really talking about here is the comparison between centrifugal and masticating juicers. Yes, all masticating, slow or cold press juicers (whatever name you would like to call them by) will give you better tasting and more nutritious juice than their centrifugal counterparts.

The A10 juicer is really easy to set up. There are just a few large parts to clip together and you can get to juicing straight away.

The wide chute design (measuring 3.15 inches wide) will fit whole apples, oranges and large fruits in without cutting into pieces. Here is a short video which demonstrates assembling the A10 juicer and juicing oranges, carrots and celery:

If you watched the video above and are thinking of putting a whole unpeeled orange into the juicer as demonstrated, please don’t do this.

You will notice the juicer did crush the orange to extract the juice, but orange rind is bitter. This will give your juice a bitter flavor instead of sweet orange juice. Peel the skin from your oranges before juicing for the best results.

The SKG A10 juicer is quite tall. Measuring 21 inches in height, you will need ample clearance on your kitchen countertop to use this juicer effectively. We do like the long feed chute design, which allows you to put long carrots and celery stalks into the juicer.

For longevity of the plastic components of the juicer, we would recommend cutting your carrots in half lengthways.

Here is a visual overview of the SKJ A10 juicer:

skg wide chute juicer

This SKG juicer handles most fruits and vegetables well. It’s not the best design for softer fruits such as berries or bananas, which is not uncommon for any juicer. These fruits are better off blended for smoothies or frozen to make into sorbets.

If juicing wheatgrass, try to push it through with something firmer, such as apple or carrot. There is a reverse function on the SKG A10 juicer, which is helpful if any of the fruit or vegetables get a little stuck during juicing.

This juicer also comes with two mesh strainers, one finer for less pulp and one with larger holes for more pulp.

Tip: Although you can feed full apples, oranges and large volumes of fruit and veggies into this juicer at once, try not to overload it.

The size of the pulp outlet isn’t huge and pulp can back up and clog the juicer. This also ends up making your juice more pulpy.

SKG promote that all working parts of their juicers are crafted from food grade materials including tritan stainless steel and are BPA free.

A strong 250 watt motor operates this juicer. The rated voltage is 120 volts and the juicer operates at a frequency of 60Hz. This is a solid juicing machine which weighs around 20 pounds. There is a small lip type handle on the back for carrying.

It’s a super stylish machine which will look great in your kitchen. Backed by a 2 year warranty, the SKG A10 juicer costs around $300, which in our opinion, is a pretty good buy.

SKG Q8 Slow Masticating Juicer

skg slow juicer

The SKG Q8 juicer was also released in 2019. There are two mechanical differences between the Q8 juicer and the A10 juicer. They are:

  • The Q8 juicer has a 200 watt motor (compared to 250 watts on the A10)
  • The Q8 juicer spins at 45 revolutions per minute (compared to 36 rpm on the A10)

There is a slight design change with the large handle on the back, and of course, the bright red color. The SKG Q8 juicer also only comes with one mesh screen, instead of two.

The price is around $100 less expensive than the most recent model of SKG juicer.

If your budget doesn’t allow for the latest model SKG juicer, saving $100 on a juicer that still has a low 45 rpm spin speed and comes with the same warranty sounds like a good deal to us.

If you’re not fussed about pulp, the lack of additional screen shouldn’t worry you. This juicer is also slightly lighter than the newer model, weighing around 15 pounds.

Essentially, the design and function of the juicer is the same as the newer model. This is an upgrade from the previous design – the SKG 2088 juicer, which is no longer stocked.

SKG Juicer Parts

There is a replacement juicing bowl available on Amazon for the SKG Q8 Juicer.

Unfortunately, we were not able to locate any additional parts online for SKG juicers aside from this juicing bowl.

Contacting SKG Customer Service

The best way to get in touch with SKG juicers is via email. Their email address is [email protected].

Are SKG Juicer Parts Dishwasher Friendly?

No. Hand washing is recommended, in temperatures less than 40 degrees celsius.

This is equivalent to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Clean all removable parts of your SKG juicer in warm soapy water. Do not place the motor of the juicer in water, wipe with a damp cloth.

What is the Run Time of an SKG Juicer?

Amazon will tell you the A10 model can be used for up to 30 minutes at a time. The user manual however, states 20 minutes.

We would err on the side of caution here and not run the juicer for any longer than 20 minutes continuously.

After this, let the motor cool down for 5 minutes. You should be able to run the juicer for 20 minutes again after this time.

Can You Use the SKG Juicer for Celery Juice?

Consumer feedback tells us this isn’t the best juicer for celery juice. Consumers have also struggled with kale and other leafy greens such as cabbage and fennel.

Horizontal masticating juicers do a much better job of juicing celery.

If you’re a fan of morning green juices, or the health benefits of drinking celery juice, we recommend taking a look at the Omega MM900HDS.

It costs around the same price as the SKG A10 juicer (around $300), is covered by a 15 year warranty, has replacement parts readily available if needed and is specifically designed with an adjustable end cap for celery and leafy greens.

skg juicer review

Is an SKG Juicer a Worthwhile Buy?

The SKG A10 juicer is incredibly stylish and definitely one of the slowest masticating juicers available in 2021. We’re having a bit of a hard time recommending this juicer however, when for the same amount of money you can purchase an Omega juicer, a trusted brand backed by a 15 year warranty.

SKG used to offer a 10 year warranty on their juicers, however, no longer offer this. Their warranty has been reduced to 2 years in total for both the A10 model and Q8 juicer.

Previous models of SKG juicers, such as the SKG Big Calibre Slow Juicer 2088 (which first launched in 2015) are now out of stock online and seemingly discontinued by SKG.

In our opinion, if we had to pick between the two SKG juicers, it would be the Q8 juicer as the better buy. At $100 less, at least we know we could purchase a replacement bowl if needed, and are practically getting the same functionality as the newer version.

As stylish as the A10 juicer is, if we’re spending $300 on a juicer it will be the Omega juicer mentioned above, not an SKG juicer.

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