How To Juice Celery – With or Without a Juicer

how to juice celery

You know you need to add more celery to your diet, whether you are on a juice cleanse, looking to boost weight loss, or just to get a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals.

In this post, we are going to discuss how to juice celery, from the stalks to the leaves, including how to juice celery without a juicer.

We’ll also discuss the health benefits of celery juice and include some yummy celery juice recipes. You’ll want to drink celery juice every day after you read this post!

Let’s jump right in…

How to Make Celery Juice

The best juicers for celery are masticating juicers and twin gear juicers. These juicers maximize the juice extraction from your celery. If you don’t have a masticating, twin gear or cold press juicer, you can also use a blender to juice the celery, then strain the pulp.

how to make celery juice

Ensure you wash your celery well in clean water prior to juicing. You’ll want to cut off the white base of the celery.

It is up to you if you would like to juice the celery leaves as well as the celery stalks.

It is perfectly fine to eat both the leaves and stalks of celery, however, the taste does differ between the two.

The celery leaves can have a slightly bitter taste, in comparison to the celery stalks. If you have not drunk celery juice before, start with the stalks first.

Ensure you cut your celery stalks into 3 to 4 inch pieces prior to juicing. Many people make the mistake of trying to juice whole celery stalks at once, especially when using masticating juicers with single augers.

When you try to juice whole celery stalks the celery fibers can wrap around the auger of the juicer, causing it to clog. This can affect the juice extraction of the celery and also the elimination of pulp.

Do yourself a favor and cut up your celery into small pieces. It doesn’t take long and will improve your celery juicing experience. This is important when knowing how to juice celery effectively.

How to Make Celery Juice Without a Juicer

If you don’t have a juicer, you can make celery juice using a high speed blender. Simply wash and cut up the celery into small pieces, as described above. Place the celery pieces in your blender and turn on high.

As there is no extraction of the fiber and juice when using a blender, you will need to then strain your juice through a cheesecloth or sieve to separate the celery juice from the pulp. This helps to create a smooth, liquid juice.

If you don’t mind a thicker juice full of pulp, drink the celery fiber as well. It is good for you and helps to increase your overall fiber content.

It is up to you how to juice celery – with included pulp or less pulp.

Benefits of Drinking Celery Juice

Celery is a good source of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, pantothenic acid, riboflavin and vitamin B6.

Celery is low in sugar, fat, carbs and calories with every 100 grams (3.9 ounces) of celery containing only 18 calories.

There are many health benefits to drinking celery juice and knowing how to juice celery. We will discuss these further below…

How Much Sodium is in Celery?

Celery contains up to 23% mineral salts (sodium) which are very beneficial for your body. These mineral salts have antibacterial properties and help to rid the body of disease causing pathogens.

what is celery juice good for

It is recommended to make celery juice first thing in the morning and consume the celery juice on an empty stomach.

A recommended serving is one 16 ounce glass of celery juice.

The benefit of drinking celery juice on an empty stomach is the vitamins and minerals in the juice will be readily absorbed by your body.

The mineral salts found in celery juice attach to toxic substances in the body from other foods you eat and helps to eliminate these as waste.

The mineral salts in celery juice also help to increase hydrochloric acid within your stomach. Hydrochloric acid helps your body to absorb nutrients from food and aid digestion.

Celery Juice Digestion

As we mentioned above, celery juice aids in digestion.

It has also been reported that celery juice helps to balance the different acids in the stomach and can assist with those suffering with acid reflux.

Reflux is often caused by an imbalance of stomach acids. By increasing the level of hyrdrochloric acid in your gut, this can help to alleviate acid reflux symptoms.

Please keep in mind however, drinking celery juice is not a miracle cure after one glass. A morning glass of celery juice needs to become a lifelong daily habit. Not a quick fix for a lifetime of poor choices.

Is Celery Good for Bones?

Absolutely. Bones are made up of sodium (up to 23%), and as celery has a high mineral salt content, this healthy form of sodium will help to maintain strong bones.

Celery is also high in calcium and silicon, which are two minerals which help to strengthen and regenerate bones. Research has shown that calcium is beneficial to the body in its organic (raw) state.

what benefits does celery have

When you cook foods containing calcium, their organic molecules are converted into inorganic calcium atoms which cannot be absorbed by the body.

Drinking raw celery juice is one of the best ways to increase calcium intake that is beneficial for bone health.

Celery also contains Vitamin K, which is beneficial for bone metabolism and has been found to aid in the protection against osteoporosis.

A lack of natural sodium in the body also contributes to osteoporosis. Your body is always seeking to maintain homeostasis, so if it needs natural sodium, it will draw this out of your bones, causing them to become weak and brittle over time, leading to osteoporosis.

Does Celery Have Iron?

Yes. Celery contains iron, magnesium, vitamin A and vitamin C. The combination of these vitamins and minerals help to rejuvenate red blood cells.

Coumarins, a compound found in celery, also assists the vascular system to decrease blood pressure, purify the blood stream, and promote the activity of white blood cells.

Celery is beneficial for those suffering from high blood pressure, arthritis and anemia.

Does Eating Celery Lower Blood Pressure?

celery juice and blood pressure

Yes, celery juice is known to reduce blood pressure. The mineral salts in celery assist our bodies vascular system and improve the fluidity of blood and lymph.

As a result of the purification of the blood stream, a reduction in blood pressure may occur.

If you have low blood pressure, be careful with how much celery juice you consume.

Celery Juice for Gout

Gout is an inflammatory condition. Celery has two potent anti-inflammatory compounds, luteolin and polyacetylene. These compounds help to lower the inflammatory tissue levels in the body and reduce oxidative stress in the body.

If you suffer from gout, drink celery juice daily to reduce your chances of gout flare ups and other inflammatory conditions.

Celery Juice Side Effects

When you first drink celery juice, you may have some small side effects, such as nausea, bloating and at worst, diarrhea.

This is simply your body adjusting to all the nutrients and phytonutrients in celery. This is especially important to remember if you have led an unhealthy lifestyle previously and consumed many processed foods.

Bloating may also be caused by the celery juice ridding your body of harmful bacteria and toxins. As these start to disappear, so will the bloating.

Celery is a natural whole food, and your body will accept it well in time. These symptoms generally do not last longer than a few days, perhaps a week at most.

To get the most benefit from celery juice you should drink it without mixing with other fruits or vegetables. A 16oz glass of celery juice per day is recommended.

If you find it difficult to drink a full glass of straight celery juice, or suffer from celery juice side effects, you can mix celery with other fruits and vegetables. You could also start with a smaller glass than 16 ounces. After all, some celery juice is better than no celery juice.

Celery Juice Recipes

As we’ve mentioned in this post, the for the best health benefits of celery juice, you should drink it straight. But, if you don’t find it palatable or want to combine celery juice with other fruits and vegetables, here are some popular recipes for how to juice celery:

Carrot and Celery Juice

carrot celery juice

Like celery, carrots contain many antioxidants that may reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and help to suppress appetite.

To make carrot and celery juice, you will need:

  • 4 Carrots
  • 4 Celery Stalks
  • 1/2 Apple
  • 1/2 Lemon

Wash and cut your carrots and celery into 2 inch pieces. Remove the core from half the apple. Peel the rind off the lemon. Juice fruits and vegetables together alternating between harder and softer foods. Enjoy your fresh juice immediately.

Celery Ginger Juice

carrot celery juice

Ginger has amazing anti inflammatory properties and is a wonderful addition to celery juice to help reduce nausea.

To make celery and ginger juice you will need:

  • 2 inch piece of ginger
  • One bunch of celery

Wash all ingredients well. Peel the ginger, if desired. Juice the celery stalks and ginger together. You can juice the leaves of the celery also, if desired.

Cucumber Celery Juice

cucumber celery juice

Cucumber and celery are an amazing combination. Add a little lemon juice as well and this refreshing juice will be your new morning favorite!

To make cucumber and celery juice you will need:

  • 1 cucumber
  • 5 celery stalks
  • 1/2 lemon

Wash the celery well and cut off the base. Cut off the leaves as well if you don’t like the taste. Wash the cucumber well and leave the skin on. Remove the peel from the lemon.

Juice the celery, cucumber and lemon together alternating between the firmer celery and softer cucumber and lemon. Enjoy immediately.

What is the Best Juicer for Celery?

As we mentioned at the start of this post, you will need a masticating or cold press juicer for celery. Twin gear juicers are also excellent for celery, but more expensive and harder to clean up.

Here are our top recommendations for celery juicers for 2020:

Best Celery Juicer With Ceramic Auger

Opens in a new tab.

The Meomy juicer is fairly easy on the budget, priced just over $100. It is one of the few juicers in this price range with a ceramic auger for added durability.

This juicer comes with a 2 year warranty, which can be upgraded to 3 years online with Meomy. The parts are dishwasher safe and there is a reverse function to assist with any clogging.

Remember, when using a masticating juicer like the Meomy juicer to juice celery, you need to cut the celery into small pieces.

Don’t try to push a whole stalk of celery through a juicer such as this, you will find yourself with celery strings wrapped around the auger and a clogged juicer.

Best Omega Juicer for Celery

Opens in a new juicer for celery 2020

Omega juicers are one of the best available on the market and the MM900HDS is the celery juicer recommended by Anthony Williams of Medical Medium.

Make sure you are purchasing the HDS – which is the heavy duty system with a stone mill like auger.

It will set you back just under $300, but well worth the money if you are in the market for a quality juicer that will last for years to come.

Be warned though – like the Meomy juicer above, you will need to cut your celery up into small pieces to effectively use this juicer. The chute is quite small. You can get a larger chute in the Omega NC800HDSOpens in a new tab., but it will cost you about $40 more.

Backed by Omega’s 15 year warranty, this is a fantastic juicer for celery, that has a specific end cap with 3 different settings to ensure you squeeze every drop of juice out of your celery.

Best Big Chute Juicer for Celery

Opens in a new tab.aicook juicer

This Aicook juicer is a new release for 2020 and has been designed with a much larger chute than your usual cold press juicer.

You should still cut your celery into 2 to 3 inch pieces however, to ensure it doesn’t wrap around the auger and clog the juicer. You will be able to feed more into this juicer at a faster rate with the larger chute.

This juicer also has a ceramic auger for durability, has dishwasher safe parts, quiet operation and low spin speed.

Priced in between the Meomy juicer and the Omega juicer, the Aicook juicer also makes nut milks and nut butters, and frozen desserts.

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