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Breville Juice Fountain® Overview

Breville now offer 7 products in their Juice Fountain® range. How do you decide which one is best? With 7 products and price variances from under $100 to over $300, we take an in depth look at the Juice Fountain® series, from the cheapest juicer to the top of the line juicer in the Juice Fountain® range.

The Juice Fountain® Compact

To conserve counter space, this juicer collects the pulp within the unit offering a more compact design. Despite being the smallest juicer in terms of the size and 700 watt motor, this centrifugal juicer has the highest spin speed of all the Breville juicers, at 14,000 rpm, for fast juicing.

As a centrifugal juicer, it is best suited to juicing hard or juicy fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots and oranges. Fruits can be juiced whole with a 3 inch circular tube – standard across all Breville Juice Fountain® models under $200. Breville boasts a foam separator to hold back the foam the juicer creates when pouring out of the jug.

breville compact juicer
Model Number:BJE200XL
Multiple Speed Settings:No
Motor:700 watt
Capacity:25oz juice, 1.6 qt pulp
Warranty:1 year limited product warranty

The Juice Fountain® Plus

The Juice Fountain®Plus is the next level up from the Breville compact juicer.

It has a slightly larger motor, at 850 watts, and offers two spin speeds. The lowest speed of 6,500rpm is best for softer fruits and leafy vegetables. The higher speed of 12,000rpm is best for juicing harder fruits and vegetables.

As with the compact juicer the feed tube for fruits and vegetables is 3 inches wide for juicing whole fruit. The Juice Fountain® Plus also has a slightly larger jug than the compact juicer, holding 1.1 quarts of juice and 2.6 quarts of pulp.

The recommended retail price of the Juice Fountain® Plus is $50 more than the Juice Fountain® Compact. For an additional $50, you are getting a slightly larger motor, two spin speeds and a larger jug.

breville juicer je98xl
Breville Juice Fountain® Plus
Model Number:JE98XL
Multiple Speed Settings:Yes, 2 speeds
Motor:850 watt
Speed:Low 6500rpm, High 12,000rpm
Capacity:1.1qt juice, 2.6qt pulp
Warranty:1 year limited warranty

The Juice Fountain® Cold

The Juice Fountain® Cold is Breville’s answer to the comparisons between centrifugal and masticating juicers.

Whilst still a fast, centrifugal juicer, Breville claims their cold spin technology transfers less heat during the extraction of the juice (less than 1.8 degrees fahrenheit) in comparison to the two Juice Fountain® models above. This theory was tested by Gear Patrol which proved correct. There was no difference in the temperature of the juice output by the Juice Fountain® Cold and a leading brand of masticating juicer.

Why is temperature important?

By exposing the fruit and vegetables to less heat, this helps to preserve the nutrients that may be lost during the juicing process. It also extends the shelf life of your juice.

In comparison to the two previous juicers above, the Juice Fountain® Cold has in between sizing with the juice jug, storing 70 ounces of juice. The benefit of the jug included with the Juice Fountain® Cold is it has an included lid to seal the jug and store your juice inside without the need for an additional container.

This helps to keep the juice somewhat airtight, so less oxidation occurs (where the juice changes color when exposed to air). Depending on the freshness of your fruit and vegetables prior to juicing, your juice may keep for up to three days in the jug. The pulp container is an extra large 3.6qt in size.

The recommended retail price of the Juice Fountain® Cold is $30 more than the Juice Fountain® Plus. For an additional $30, you are getting the cold spin technology and a lid for the jug.

The juice jug is smaller than the previous model, yet the pulp container is larger. This is likely because of the way the cold spin technology pushes the juice upwards, therefore the overall unit is taller, being 17.6 inches in height.

breville juicer best buy
Breville Juice Fountain® Cold
Model Number: BJE430SILUSC
Multiple Speed Settings:Yes, 2 Settings
Motor: 850 watt
Speed:Low 6,500rpm, High 13,000rpm
Capacity: 70oz juice, 3.6 qt pulp
Warranty: 1 year limited warranty

The Juice Fountain® Cold Plus

The Juice Fountain® Cold Plus has a design change from the previous model, with the pulp bin now positioned behind the main unit. The chute also has an upgrade, now measuring 3.5 inches in width.

The motor gets an upgrade with this model, to 1000 watts. The juice jug is the same size and includes the lid. The juicer has 2 speed settings. Breville has not disclosed the revolutions per minute for each speed setting with this machine. We’ll touch base with Breville and update this post when known.

The recommended retail price of the Juice Fountain® Cold Plus is $80 more than the Juice Fountain® Cold. The base of the unit looks a little sleeker and less boxy than the previous model. Aside from the motor, chute width and pulp bin configuration, we’re not quite sure what is different about this model from the Juice Fountain® Cold.

breville juice maker
Breville Juice Fountain® Cold Plus
Model Number: BJE530BSS1BUS1
Multiple Speed Settings:Yes, 2 settings
Motor:1000 watt
Capacity:70oz juice, Pulp Bin unknown
Warranty: 1 year limited warranty

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