Aicok Masticating Juicer Review 2020 – AMR521

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Available on Amazon, Aicok Juicer AMR521 is currently the number one selling masticating juicer for 2020, beating leading brands such as Omega, Breville and Philips.

Here’s everything you need to know before you purchase the Aicok AMR521 masticating juicer.

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The Aicok masticating juicer is a Chinese made juicer. An upgraded model from the AMR519, Aicok promote this juicer will yield 90% of juice from the fruit or vegetable.

The main difference with the upgraded model is the AMR521 juicer has a longer auger to squeeze more juice from your food.

A Good Juicer for Celery, Greens & Ginger

This masticating juicer can tackle celery and fresh ginger with ease.

When juicing greens such as kale, spinach and swiss chard, it is recommended to bunch up the greens all together and push through in a bunch.

This helps the greens to be pushed against the auger and maximize the juice output. Follow with a juicier, firmer fruit or vegetable such as apple or carrot.

This helps to clean out the auger area and avoid clogging the juicer.

Juicier fruits such as berries and stone fruits may not juice as well first time around. It is suggested to run the pulp through the juicer again to extract more juice.

When juicing celery and wheatgrass, cut the pieces into 2 to 3 inch lengths. This helps to avoid celery strings and wheatgrass being wrapped around the auger during juicing.

Aicok Juicer Technical Specifications

Noise60 decibels
Warranty2 years
Size16″ x 8″ x 11″

Is the Aicok Juicer Dishwasher Safe?

Aicok have advised all removable parts from the AMR519 masticating juicer are dishwasher safe.

We recommend placing your juicer parts on the top rack of the dishwasher only.

Alternatively, the removable parts of the Aicok masticating juicer can be cleaned under running water, with the cleaning brush provided by Aicok.

To clean the motor of the Aicok juicer, simply wipe with a damp cloth. It should take no longer than 5 minutes to clean the juicer and parts by hand.

Aicok Juicer Cleaning Tip: Soak the filter in food grade hydrogen peroxide for 10 minutes before scrubbing. This helps to remove any build up.

Aicok Juicer Replacement Parts

Should you need to replace a part on your Aicok cold press juicer, it is best to contact the manufacturer directly first.

It depends on the part that is worn or broken, as to whether or not it can be replaced and whether other parts should be replaced as well.

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Unfortunately, there are no Aicok juicer spare parts available to purchase via the Aicok manufacturer website, however, you can purchase a replacement auger on AmazonOpens in a new tab..

Opens in a new tab.aicok juicer replacement parts

You can also purchase a replacement filter screen. This is listed under Aicook, rather than Aicok, however we have been informed Aicok and Aicook are the same company. Here is the filter screen:

Opens in a new tab.aicok replacement filter

How to Contact Aicok Customer Service

The options to contact Aicok are via email to support@aicok.ccOpens in a new tab. or via social media. We recommend the social media option (Facebook).

Biggest Consumer Complaints about the Aicok Masticating Juicer

The cup has numbers on it, but no mention of the volume of juice it holds

The cup that collects the juice underneath the juicer has the numbers 100-600 on it. This is measuring the juice in milliliters. 600ml is approximately 20 ounces of juice.

The juicer wobbles when in use

Numerous reports about increased wobbling and noise after using for a longer period of time. There are various questions about the longevity of the unit giving it is mostly plastic.

Water gets trapped in the green cap end

There were several reports of water being trapped in the green cap end, and mold build up underneath the rubber seal.

Small feed chute

Larger fruits and vegetables will need to be cut into smaller pieces to fit in the feed chute.

Would we buy the Aicok Slow Juicer AMR521?

It is not our first choice. There were far too many reports of issues with this juicer within the first 12 months of use.

Contacting customer service via Amazon or Facebook seems the best way to get an efficient response, rather than emailing.

The most recent reports on contacting Aicok customer service have provided a good result.

Many consumers who have experienced problems have had their juicers replaced. Whilst good customer service is great to hear, the fact there are numerous mechanical problems and parts breaking in the first place doesn’t leave us reassured.

Ceramic Auger Juicers

There are newer models of juicers coming onto the market for 2020 that have ceramic augers. One of the biggest complaints about the Aicok juicer is the auger wearing out and requiring replacement.

Whilst you can replace the auger, it is approximately $50 to buy. Replacing the auger and the screen will set you back almost two thirds the cost of the Aicok Juicer.

Before you buy a masticating juicer, take a look at our post below on masticating juicers under $200.

There are several juicers here with ceramic augers (ceramic is much stronger and far more durable than plastic) and two juicers offering a 10 year warranty.

We think these juicers are much better choices for 2020 than the Aicok AMR521.

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4 thoughts on “Aicok Masticating Juicer Review 2020 – AMR521

  1. I have had the AMR521 for now 17 months. Use it at least 5 times a week. So probably ran at least 400 stalks of celery through it. No failures whatsoever. It does now seem to not be juicing 80% or less. The pulp coming out is very wet. I then use a small hand squeezer to get at least 1-2 oz of juice from the pulp. I think the auger and screen cutting edges are worn. Biggest complaint is there are no parts available which I think is terrible. If I knew that I would not have gotten this juicer. Other than that it works really good for the $89.99 I paid for it. Would highly recommend it AICOK starts making parts available. Other than that NO.

    1. Hi Chris, thank you for your comment! We’re pleased to hear your Aicok Juicer is still going strong. We’ve found a replacement auger and replacement screen for the AMR521 which we’ve linked to in our post above. The downside is, they cost as much combined as you paid for your juicer, which is pretty disappointing.

    1. Hi Beverly,
      I hope that you’ve been able to get this sorted? Is it the green end cap that is stuck? You could try soaking the whole piece in some food grade hydrogen peroxide for around 10 minutes to loosen any fiber from the fruits or vegetables that may be causing it to stick. Also ensure you’re turning in an anti clockwise direction. Failing that, send an email to, they may have some troubleshooting tips for you. Let me know how you go! ~ Jane

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